In 2018, YANFENG AUTOMOTIVE INTERIORS (YFAI) - the global leader in automotive interiors – started to search for solution in unloading, positioning and installation of new Engel 2000 t injection molding press in Namestovo, Slovakia. Based on inquiry of company MASTEX – the exclusive Engel representative, CONVOI, started to work on seemingly simple, though very complex project, demanding detailed preparation and smart project management.

It was necessary to plan and optimally adjust the use of 250 t mobile crane with CONVOI equipment to bring the press parts in site interior, as well as to combine our 360 t hydraulic lifting system with portal crane of customer.

After complex preparation, all necessary CONVOI machinery and equipment was brought together on three trucks and we were ready to start. A huge crane got equipped with counter-balance brought by another 2 trucks and the action could set off.

Aware of safety since the very start of the project, the use of personal protective equipment by all CONVOI employees is of self-evidence. Taking in account the global weight of manipulated machine versus floor load, local space limitations as well as the fact that the only entry to hall leads through an upper ramp – CONVOI considered this project as a challenge to be taken.

After moving all press parts to their position, the moving plate was turned in 90 ° and placed on closing unit. Followed by connection of injection part, which brought the total machine weight up to 130 t.

We believe that our readiness, flexibility and coordination of every project phase have contributed to global satisfaction of both our valuable partners – company MASTEX as well as the end customer - company YFAI. We would like to thank all the CONVOI employees involved in this exciting project and led by Miroslav Hrdinák, for their passion and professionalism.

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