“This driver deserves the Nobel prize!”

In the build-up to the summer, Convoi has successfully finished a number of beautiful projects. This resulted in satisfied customers in The Netherlands and Belgium. The Convoi employees were shown gratitude for their work with a token of appreciation.

Right after the biggest hospital relocation in history – the relocation of the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam – Convoi was getting ready for the relocation of the Ommelander Hospital in Groningen. The preparation period preceding the relocation of this project included thorough planning before the execution could start. Particular attention was given to the relocation of the patients including a trial run to determine the time needed for moving them. This way, the entire move could run safely on a time efficient schedule.

Relieved patients

Relocating patients is always an eventful experience, especially for patients themselves. The detailed preparation- combined with the traffic management - ensured a flawless relocation which turned any tension quickly into relief. As one of the patients said on local television network RTV Noord: “It went perfectly. This driver deserves the Nobel prize!”

Tropical temperatures

In Antwerp – where Convoi moved the library of the conservatory – the employees of Convoi were also surprised with compliments for their work. A specialized team worked for three weeks on packing, moving and unpacking valuable items of the historic library. The tropical temperatures in the old building did not make the work any easier. The client therefore concluded that ‘the professional crew deserved a special appreciation.’ This resulted in a typical Flemish thank you by the librarian Jan de Wilde “It was a pleasure to work with you and for that reason we would gladly offer you a beer.”

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