Convoi Slovakia expands its services with an Electrical & Automation division. The new department specializes in complex Electrical and Automation installations.

Many new opportunities

Founded in 2006 Convoi Slovakia specializes in industrial relocations. An Electrical & Automation division is now being added to further enhance their abilities.. "We see many opportunities with our existing clients, but also beyond," says Anthony Linckens - Manager Engineering & Energy Solutions of the Netherlands - who is also involved with setting up the Electrical & Automation activities in the Slovak region.

Linckens works closely with the newly appointed Slovak Business Development Manager Sergej Esnault.

"Together we travelled nearly a thousand kilometers through the country in three days and visited several interesting companies. The beauty is that Convoi has built up a good name in Slovakia; the expertise of Electrical & Automation is a welcome addition to this. We notice that there is a great need for high-quality Electrical and Automation knowledge. "

The installation and programming of robots

The first requests for quotations have already been received by the Electrical & Automation division in Slovakia, including the Peugeot-Citro├źn factory PSA and Binder.

"At PSA, we are preparing an offer to replace the water treatment plant's control system", continues Linckens, "we are modernizing the control platform to the current industrial standards, so that PSA can continue to comply with legislation and regulations. A complex assignment where the complete control system is replaced and we have to rewrite all software. We were asked by Binder to install, install and program 150 KUKA robots. "

Train engineers

These projects will be initially managed from the Netherlands. "We work with Dutch engineers, but we now train Slovak engineers on the job. This is how we build a solid Slovakian Electrical & Automation division that ultimately will realize their projects fully independently.

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