Convoi is an internationally focused organisation, which currently employs around 300 people on a full-time basis. The relocation sector in which Convoi operates is a hectic marketplace. The variety of projects is enormous, and this requires plenty of flexibility and commitment from its employees. Whether it is small, local removals indoors, placing MRI scanners in hospitals around the world, or moving entire businesses, there is never a dull moment at Convoi!

The people at Convoi are professionals. Technical training comes as standard, however Convoi looks beyond just training its employees. It looks at talent, experience, and certificates which its employees can acquire. Every employee is incorporated into the planning system not only by name, but also by including their training programs, safety certificates, permits, licenses, language proficiency, specialist fields (mechanical, electrical, hydraulic). Therefore Convoi not only makes the most of its resources, it also makes the most of its professional staff.

Are you an expert, a professional, do you have an entrepreneurial skill when it comes to thinking and reacting, and do you feel at home within a hectic environment, and have an affinity with project or commercial relocations? Well if you do, then Convoi is the employer for you.

For further information, please contact the Human Resources department.